Jun 9, 2021

The American Land Title Association (ALTA) and National Society of Professional Land Surveyors have adopted a revised version of the ALTA/NSPS standards which went into effect February 23, 2021.

2021 ALTA/NSPS Standards –

There were some changes to the overall language and scope of the ALTA/NSPS survey and we want to quickly highlight some changes to the Table A “OPTIONAL SURVEY RESPONSIBILITES AND SPECIFICATIONS”. The Table A items required by the lender should be provided prior to the surveyor preparing a fee estimate.

Say goodbye to the 2016 Table A items 10(b) and 18. These items have been deleted and are not listed on the new 2021 ALTA/NSPS standards.

10. (b) As designated by the client, a determination of whether certain walls are plumb (client to obtain necessary permissions).

18. If there has been a field delineation of wetlands conducted by a qualified specialist hired by the client, the surveyor shall locate any delineation markers observed in the process of conducting the fieldwork and show them on the face of the plat or map. If no markers were observed, the surveyor shall so state.

Other notable changes to Table A items.

  • Table A items 6(a) and (b) have been modified. Zoning reports must be provided to the Surveyor in order to complete this task.
  • Table A item 11 – significant changes to language
    • 11a – plans and/or reports provided by client
    • 11b – markings coordinated by the surveyor pursuant to a private utility locate request
  • Table A item 19 – modified language

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